Our results

Institut Marquès has the best results in assisted reproduction. Our success rates are accredited by FIV-CAT, a body that depends on the Generalitat de Catalunya – competent authority in Health matters– and available in their official registry.

For the evaluation of the results it is necessary to take into account the transparency and the safety of each clinic.

We are the only Centre where you will be able to see the results of your cycle. The fact that you can watch your embryos live through the “embryoscope from home” allows you to know for sure how many there are, how they are dividing and how is the quality of the transferred and vitrified embryos. Only this way you can really find out. It is an accurate and live report of your results.

Institut Marquès is a leading assisted reproduction reference center that treats patients coming over from 52 different countries. A high percentage of patients that are seen at our Centre have been trying between 8 to 16 years to achieve a pregnancy in their countries or abroad, experiencing up to 15 failed attempts.

The figures of patients we treat are reported below:

  • Average infertility/infertility time: 4,8 years
  • Average number of treatments undergone in other centres: 3,6 IVF cycles.

In spite of dealing with such difficult cases, we provide the following results:

89% success rate in IVF with egg donation cycles.


*Detail of FIV with egg donation cycles

  • Average of transferred embryos: 1,1
  • Patients who can freeze embryos after the transfer: 85,8%
  • Average of frozen embryos: 2,8

** Cryotransfers: Transfer of an embryo that has been previously frozen

72,1% success rate in IVF with own eggs cycles.


  • Average of transferred embryos: 1,2
  • Patients who can freeze embryos after the transfer: 73,1%
  • Average of frozen embryos: 3,1

61,8% success rate in patients with risk of chromosomal anomalies cycles.


82% success rate in oncological patients cycle.

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